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CUSTOMIZE your Buyer Requests


If you are a new seller or one of those who bid in the Buyer Request section, you MUST customize every bid of your according to the buyer needs.

Got an order today through BR which said:
First off congratulations, out of 30 offers, you were the only one to actually spend time writing a customer response addressing my questions, as opposed to copying and pasting generic stuff.

Now the dilemma is that 29 people did not mind reading the description (SERIOUSLY!?).

So now my tips are (although they have been repeatedly mentioned on the forum, yet no one bothers about them. Or maybe those 29 and many others like them do not know that this forum EXISTS in the first place):

  1. Read the whole description as the buyer has written it on purpose (for the seller to know if he is capable of work or not).

  2. If there is an attachment, download it and view it prior to bidding.

  3. Use words related to the specific work needed by the buyer. Also mention the content present in attachment so that the buyer knows that you have gone through his requirements.

You can make a sample template of your bid beforehand but modify it to fit the needs of the buyer whose work you are targeting.

Do it the RIGHT way and you will get sales.

How do I get the order?


Its a great tips for mine, I think it also help others


Useful tips. Thank you so much :slight_smile:


Those are excellent advices, @capri2794. :blush:

I have used buyer’s request often in the past. I find it exhausting to get one sentence bids, wrong bids and so forth.

I put in a request and asked that the bid include 1 revision and not one of 30+ bidders included the revision. Some were so busy telling me a bunch of useless information that they forgot to give me that one thing i asked for. Frustrating.


@gina_riley2, never posted in the BR section but it might be frustrating, I know.

But think of it in this way: Competition between sellers drops and you can easily select the right seller for yourself instead of having to decide one from, say, 8-10 potential buyers. :smiley:

But well, the point remains. The ones who need business are not even serious about it.


Thank you for sharing helpful advice!


Thank you. You never stop learning here that is what I love about the forum. Superb idea that is and I just want you to know that its appreciated.


I actually follow what you said whenever I sent a Buyers Request. Thanks for sharing your tips.


Thanks for this advice. This actually works for me. I have completed over 200 orders and 75% of 'em are from buyer’s request.


useful tips thanks for advise.


thank you so much…as a new seller it turned out to be really helpful for me…hope to read from you again…thank you again…


tnx for good advice. hope we will be better


good advice :slight_smile:


Its a great tips for me


Great post. i love it


thanks for this, been wondering why i am not getting any response from responding to buyer requests.


Even me. i am not getting any message from buy at all


In your case the problem is probably related to your gig description. You’re providing writing service yet your gig description has grammar mistakes. Even this short message here has mistakes in it.
Start with that and then try buyer requests again.


If UK buyers are looking to use your services, they’ll be surprised to see that you’re not in the same time zone they are - they might find that confusing?