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Cute children book illustrations start with $5

Hello :)) I’m a freelance illustrator and currently has an active gig that offer cute book illustrations start from $5, here’s my current samples to give you a bit glimpse my drawings:

pretty cute isn’t?? you could read my offers further information OVER HERE if you’re interested,

Thank you for reading my post ^^
Hope you have a good day :slight_smile:


Nice work, good luck!


thank you so much ^^

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Hey, everyone~
For my first 10 orders, I would like to express my gratitude by drawing my clients and turn them into cute illustrations based on their profile ^^ Slots (1/10) Thank you for the orders!

Click Here to see what I am offering~

Have a good day everyone~

It’s still available the spots for being drawn on cute cartoon~ (1/10)

updated a new portfolio~

I’ll draw cute book illustration for $5

My offer for 10 free illustration is still going~

Thank you for visiting~

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Starting today I’ll updating a portfolio one by one~
Times of day: sunset, Interior: bedrooms, Character: a boy and a girl :slight_smile:

Hi, order here.

Thank you~

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Times of day: morning, interior: bedrooms, Character: a boy and a girl


Times of day: night, interior: bedrooms, character : a boy and a girl

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times of day: early in the morning, interior: bedrooms, Character: a boy and a girl

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completed 2nd order, free cute illustration slots(2/10)
don’t miss out the offers! check my gig out!

Good Work, Keep it up @gusniacatherina

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completed a repeat order from previous client, thank you Rebecca!

this is a free illustration that Rebecca requested for her dear daughter, slots 3/10
thank you for the repeat order!