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Cute little girl holding your sign


Hi fiverrs ! My little girl likes to take pictures and do cute poses for camera since she was a baby :slight_smile:

We can help you promote your business/message with cute high quality photos!

With this gig, you’ll receive 3 images of her holding a sign saying whatever you want (except what is of course not suitable for a child to promote) on a white background, if you want normal background please let me know. The delivery will be within 2 days or mostly less than that.


Totally agreed with madmoo…


I third that.


Yes, please don’t do this to your children.


I disagree with all the above posters. Asking your daughter to hold a business sign and pose for a photograph is not child abuse. She earns some allowance money she can use to buy food at school perhaps. No business sign is offensive to children, even if they don’t understand terms like SEO and blogs or finance and insurance. Kids in some part of the world work in factories and clean toilets and so on. No need to feel uncomfortable about asking a girl to hold a sign for 10 minutes during a photo shoot and earn real income. This does not violate any child labor laws. This is not her full time job and she is not skipping school. Nor is she being put in any danger nor does she risk her limbs and lungs. To the OP: Go ahead and continue on with this gig. Good luck to you and blessings to your child.


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Though your daughter is a cutie. In regards to gigs and requests as this, be very careful when submitting any child in a video for your gigs or elsewhere. I do a family gig on here and have had requests for my daughter to be in a solo video for various things.

Granted my wife and I watch these CLOSELY, and have only done a video for 2 simple things like a birthday party commercial advertisement blowing out a cake, and a youtube vid-short saying “I want to enter the competition” with a few other kids on it competing for free toys from Kaybee toys…

If ever asked to have her hold a sign for ANY reason or even greenscreen I would say no due to photo shoppers and the pervs out there that could and or will abuse that. Once its on the internet, ANYONE can get it one way or another.


I hadn’t seen this before the newer posts but I agree with the other people saying this is a bad idea. I have 2 grown children and a grandchild and I realize people tend to put all kinds of photos out for anyone to see. That doesn’t make it a good idea.

Another concern I have is that in viewing the actual gig just now, the child in the photo is clearly on a white background with a photoshop-style trace around it. The hands holding the sign don’t quite seem to match the child. This may just be a poor photo but I also have concerns about where the image of the little girl came from. I’m sorry to be such a cynic but these are realities.


I’ve been in the entertainment industry since I was 12…

I highly suggest to arabianprinces to please seek a real talent agency in your country rather then going self managed on fiverr.

There are many legitimate ways your daughter can get into an artist career if that is WHAT THEY SEEK, as I did when I was young, I approached MY parents to become an ACTOR.

My daughter approached me and all my children to want to do what daddy does, my daughter has done commercials for Leapfrog, my son has done a baby gap modelling shoot a few years back, been in independent feature films…

Here in the United States there is a process you must go through in order to become child artists, such as a working permit, a studio teacher at times when the child is working on set during school hours, and real home work to be done given by the teacher at school. For the child, it should be treated as an after school program, a way it doesn’t interfere with a childs main focus up until 18 which is SCHOOL, EDUCATION and physical activities OUTSIDE the home.

The only way I would do a fiverr gig is like how ardicus has stated and together as a family or a couple son/dad, mom/daughter only… and more on a natural speaking way not holding anything that can be adjusted using special effects, NO WAY.

Good luck…


Actually, my son and I did do a gig together! We reviewed a video game site together! It was awesome! Its going in my family collection of videos! On fiverr… he was so proud of being on camera with his actor dad… he is now going into U.S. Marines ROTC because wants to be in the Marines like his daddy was… well his step dad is still in the ARMY so he has a great influence of military presences growing up.


Reply to @ilyassoait:

If you get one sale from spamming like this, I’ll give you a thousand bucks. Pack up and watch some TV or something, stop wasting your time.