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Cute matchbox greeting cards with a personalized message in it :)

hey! I am new to fiverr. i am making greeting cards like matchboxes. It has a cute animal face ( you can select the animal ex- cat, dog, mouse, etc.) in the front. You can put a personalized message inside the box. Then I will send you a photograph of it to you. I can also make other types of greeting cards. please message me with your needs & i will make your wish come true.hopefully waiting… <3 <3

In order to increase sales, ensure that your grammar is professional.

Poor grammar can often make people more hesitant about paying for your service (even though it may be a great product).

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: @balacafa Do you know how to upload photos to this post?

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To upload photos, edit the post (or create a new post) and click the button with the box with an arrow on top of it.


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