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Cutting Edge Technology for Facebook Marketing

Check out my brand new gig here. This is cutting edge technology.

Attract likes to your Fan Page like bees to honey! Display Interactive Images on your Website, in Facebook tabs or even directly in the FB Timeline.

Traditionally FB timeline ads are static and boring and non Interactive Images and Video. No One is Running “Interactive” FB Ad Campaigns

I can…
Embed Pulsating Hotspots e.g. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram onto your Image.
Skyrocket Lead Generation through One Click Tap to Call and Skype Hotspots
Exponetially Grow your List through Major Auto Responder Integrations and Higher Hotspot Conversions

Kind Regards,
Murray / Creativman

I’m going to run a 48 hours contest.

If you can tell me your business type and why you deserve an interactive image I will give you one for FREE.

The best reply below wins.

…but what if nobody responds? I would like a glittering poo emoji if I win by virtue of being the only respondent :slight_smile: I would use it as my cover picture on my personal Facebook.

haha, it only works in newsfeed though so you need to post the image in your status/update area.

If no one else responds you win!

Oh, that’s a shame :frowning: No need to take my request seriously, though!

OK no worries. So if we did do it though we could have an image of you with your hands out holding two interactive hotspots that redirect to your 2 best gigs or something like that.

I’ve just returned from my 1month holiday. So all my gigs are available again =)