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Cx Wrongfully Ordered: Requested to Cancel

I just think that this has to be given attention by the management. Recently, I’ve had 2 orders that were cancelled because the buyers said, they wrongfully placed them, WHICH IS CLEARLY NOT MY FAULT. BUT WHY AM I, the hardworking me, SUFFERING FROM THIS AS A RESULT? These instances should be an exception to the rule. I am always ready to complete whatever tasks is given to me. It is not my fault they wrongfully ordered. So disheartening. My completion rate is now lower because of this.

Have you experienced this? What are your thoughts on this?

You have the option to not cancel them.

If I do not cancel, then what would be doing until the delivery due? They have not task for me because they wrongfully ordered.

I have had the same problem with clients requesting work that is not in the offer amount. A client can effectively say anything and requesting an order that is not stipulated in the price. If they refuse to adjust the order, it has to be cancelled and my ratings are effected as a result. I have tried multiple time to talk to the fiverr customer support, and they simply say there is nothing they can do. very frustrating

To be honest with you, I feel your pains.
It is frustrating enough to get a cancelled order due to buyer’s negligence but, having your gig de-ranked is uncalled for.

I wish you the very best.


this is a big drawback of new fiverr rules which suffers only sellers…:cry:

Agree. It is super duper frustrating.

Correct. I hope they make exceptions to this rule.

It really hurts. I am in pain right now because of this. Seems like the hardwork I’ve put through these years have been put to vain