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Cyber attack on 100+ Countries - Big theft - Back-up your data everyday in Offline HardDrive


Around 16-18 hours ago - Got News Cyber attack on 100+ Countries - Big theft

So I suggest all guys - Back-up your data everyday in Offline HardDrive.

What you think on this ?


yeah the hackers are demanding 300$ to unlock your data


There are cyber attacks every second across the entire globe…




Yeah this Ransomware virus attack - Which is demanding 300$[quote=“Woofy31, post:3, topic:142793, full:true”]
There are cyber attacks every second across the entire globe…
This kind of attack is not going every second OR every day in world -!!

My few friends computer has been hijack by this virus!!


Few News saying - That was originally build by NSA!!


No, it was NOT built by NSA, the hackers simply exploited a Vulnerability of Windows that was USED by the NSA and leaked.


I’ve had ransomware twice now on laptops and managed to get rid of it both times. The first time took three solid days of work and finally I had to turn back the computer to the original factory image.

The last time was a few days ago and it was weak and took ten minutes to erase.

Both times were from a website I found on google. I was surprised google doesn’t have a better way to check websites for this since they are constantly scanning them.

Message used by FakeBsod to lock your web browser

You can regain control of your web browser without paying anything by closing the warning message using the Task Manager.

When you reopen your browser, make sure you don’t click Restore previous session.


I remember a few weeks back there was a hack with Google Drive.


That wasn’t actually a hack on Google Drive - instead, it was a cleverly disguised invitation to grant access to a program which appeared to have originated with Google. The reason it wasn’t a hack is because it merely asked for permission to get into Google Drive and people granted it. And when it comes to apps, extensions, and websites with permission, all it takes to get safe again is remove the permission. Google Drive is safe and sound - you just have to follow standard Internet precautions and look closely at what you’re clicking - especially so when it wants access to sensitive information.


That’s why I love my Google Chromebook: everything is sandboxed, backed up to my secure cloud, and if anything should ever happen, all I have to do is spend 60 seconds conducting a power-wash to reset the device to factory condition.


And, if you get infected, there seems to be an easy fix out there already.


I got the original version back in 2003, got it as a file from someone i worked with. It change the file name of every single file on my hard drive and messed with the date of files making it even harder to figure out the real names of all +8 million files. Had to check files in OllyDbg to figure out whats what, still got a few files missing from a pc game i was working on for years (still gonna finish it one day, though it might be a tiny bit outdated when released).


What? WNcry@2ol7 is the ransomware pass ? sounds like “windows cry at 20:17” haha - is it that easy?! My gosh, and all those affected hospitals…


That ransomeware said to send $300 worth of bitcoin somewhere. Is bitcoin even around any more?


The name of the malware is WannaCry and 2ol7 refers to the year 2017.

It seems so, according to that article. I have not been affected personally so I cannot know for sure.

Yes, and it’s growing day by day as far as I know. They use it because it is the only way to make transfers of money that are untraceable.


I wouldn’t know how to use bitcoin.


Me neither. Never used it - only read a few articles on it. It seems to be a promising system so I would say that it’s worth exploring. It’s probably simple to use because hackers wouldn’t want to make victims do complicated things


Well, the term “bitcoin” itself sounds overly complicated to me! I rather hear paypal or credit card, those sound simple :stuck_out_tongue:


Not sure how we would even pay that ransomware unless we already had bitcoin but maybe it lets you go to that site to sign up.