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:D Got my TRS back! :D

I hear so many stories on here about people getting demoted and not getting their TRS back that I didn’t want to be a person that got his back and didn’t note it on here. Last month I lost my TRS as I fell to 89% response rate, just had a rough few months. So I did raise my numbers significantly instead of giving up and honestly just sorta throwing myself at work has been a good distraction from life recently with my sisters diagnosis.

The biggest key though I believe was just not giving up and being positive :slight_smile: My numbers were never terrible, but my goal was 99% everything and while I didn’t get that I’m 93% response, 98% completion and 99% on time, with a 4.9 rating, next month hopefully will be 99% on all, if not 100%.

So it is possible :slight_smile: to get your TRS back, thank you everyone who messaged me with support and stuff, super excited now :smiley: Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend!


Congrats :slight_smile:


Congrats Carl. I’m glad you got it back. You truly deserve it. I’m just lost, I keep getting the automated response. Any tips :frowning:


Great news Rob - well done! :slightly_smiling_face:


Congratulations, I am really happy for you.


Congrats! You’re back! :slight_smile:


Congratulations. Keep it up.
I am also trying my best to keep my TRS…:grinning:


Congrats, nice to know it happens! I am alway meeting the criteria 100% - and have not been promoted - yet. I don’t give up!


That’s great! Congrats and keep up the good work.



Don’t take this the wrong way but those are pretty average stats. Also, you were demoted for a poor response rate which is the easiest of all metrics to keep on top of. I personally wouldn’t have promoted you to TRS again until I was sure the blip in your performance was over. In this case, possibly someone put in a good word in?

Regaining it after 30-days is just a bit too fast and not really logical. only in my opinion, of course. (Feel free to throw sticks and stones accordingly.)

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Not really a sticks and stones thrower, I mean yeah it could have something to do with everything that happened with me personally over the last few months and only losing TRS by like .3% of a point, I also am not 100% convinced there isn’t something wrong with the system with replies, I’m only sitting at 93% when I have answered every single message for the last about month and 10 days or so… by my calculations I should be around 95-96% on reply’s.

I guess I would say being positive and just grinding works, SOOO many people said I was going to lose half my business at level 2, well July into August was my best span of the whole year, I didn’t lose 50% I gained about 20% in business.

I just wanted to show it was possible.




Under the circumstances described by the OP in his previous thread, I really hope somebody did put a good word in for him, and I’m delighted the TRS has been restored. :slightly_smiling_face:


OMGGGGGGGGG, Rob! :astonished:

Finally, I get to read a success story of a person beating the odds. :ok_hand:t4:

That’s FANTASTIC news! :tada:


I’m very uber excited for you, like tickle me, Elmo. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: So, the myth of once a person gets demoted from TRS, cannot get it back. Totally got tossed out-of-the window.

@fastcopywriter hang in there, this is proof that re-gaining TRS can happen.


congratulation dear :grinning:

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Thanks, I’m just not very hopeful. What if the Fiverr editors decide they made a mistake with me? That I should have never been TRS?

Sometimes I wonder if I should charge $5 on most gigs, just to get sales and clicks. I notice some sellers have prices like this: $5, $20 or $50, $100 or $200.

Ironically, yesterday I lowered my prices on several gigs, and I got two orders today. One for $10, one for $40 (that gig didn’t have prices lowered).

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Wow, Cal! Just Wow! :heart_eyes:

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Good job mate, keep up the hard work

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:smiley: thank you Vickie :smiley:

Honestly I find the Response Rate variable idiotic.