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Dо Nоt Dо Anу Frее Wоrk on Fiverr


I also agree with you . We do work for value and money . We should never work for free


Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences.

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I have made two sample images to clients one ended up in 180$ sale and the other a 200$- so it depends- in our field of work it is a must to make a sample image- also I put 2 days/sample so risks are a must if you want to go forward-


but as I have posted it here I have made my self vulnerable to scams :smiley: So I will not Accept any free work from now on!!


Yes, but that’s a lucky shot. And ofc, if your images would have taken 10 hours to make, or 2 days, maybe you wouldn’t give them for free. :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing your experiences.


I wish I read this thread before. I’ve made that mistake unfortunately, it was my first message on fiverr, I was excited. The buyer wanted a sample and after I worked for hours he said ‘‘I don’t like it’’ and never replied back. He was probably gathering samples from the sellers.


Thank you for sharing this experience with us.


This has happened to me twice. The buyer said he wanted a sample and he was even rushing me to finish up on-time. Immediately I sent him the sample even with watermark on it he never replied as usual. Few hours later he messaged to say that he doesn’t like it which I think it’s even untrue. It was a logo design and maybe he was just gathering samples from sellers.


You can’t start working on a gig without an order by doing this you risk a demotion or ban so be careful.
My portfolio are my samples so yours so no need to show and work on a custom made same for free!


It is true. i agree with you.Thanks for sharing your important informations with us.


I offer a free sample of my work, mostly so a buyer can hear exactly what they’d be getting with me. I never read more than just a few lines, and I never read the full text the buyer sends for a sample. This prevents me from having clients just use the free sample to get a completed job without ordering. It takes 2 minutes of my time and could potentially get me a new, paying buyer. But that’s voice-over. I don’t think I would ever do that with, for example, a graphic design gig.


Yes It is true Thanks for posting this information!


No one should work for free ^^


It’s NEVER okay, even if it’s a smaller order. If you give an inch, they’ll soon be trying to take a mile.

Even if it’s only like 10 minutes worth of work, you should be getting paid for it.


I am new to freelancing. This forum and post is a life saver. I recently had these experiencing and I was offering free samples but luckily I did not wasted much time and today I found this forum and reached to this post. It really helped and guided me to redefine my approach as freelancer


Thanks for the tips! Im a new fiverr seller so its good to know!


Same I just started my freelance journey and I was looking for more tips to improve my gigs and etc. Good thing I came upon this forum!


Most important is to not to start working without an order!


I agree with you. :slightly_smiling_face: