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Dо Nоt Dо Anу Frее Wоrk on Fiverr


I also agree with you . We do work for value and money . We should never work for free


Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences.

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I have made two sample images to clients one ended up in 180$ sale and the other a 200$- so it depends- in our field of work it is a must to make a sample image- also I put 2 days/sample so risks are a must if you want to go forward-


but as I have posted it here I have made my self vulnerable to scams :smiley: So I will not Accept any free work from now on!!


Yes, but that’s a lucky shot. And ofc, if your images would have taken 10 hours to make, or 2 days, maybe you wouldn’t give them for free. :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing your experiences.


I wish I read this thread before. I’ve made that mistake unfortunately, it was my first message on fiverr, I was excited. The buyer wanted a sample and after I worked for hours he said ‘‘I don’t like it’’ and never replied back. He was probably gathering samples from the sellers.