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I wanted to celebrate my 2000th review and it turns out to be a “4” stars. LOL.


Anyway, 2000 is a nice number :slight_smile: Add 600+ orders to that which were not rated.


And just 3 negative reviews :slight_smile:
1 for my article Gig for poor quality and not understanding the topic - justified
1 for proofreading for not using “Track Changes” - despite doing a perfect job
1 for rewriting gig for being late.


But no complaints, the 4 stars was appropriate. Spoke to the client after that, seems to be a nice person with high standards.


Congratulations on your success :wink:


Thanks, you became a Moderator? Congrats to you too!


So far that is 3 new mods I’ve seen lately. It’s going to be helpful for the forum.


Who is the third? I can count two.


I would love it if MarioKluser, the snarky guy from Holland or Emmaki are made moderators…that would be fun!


But the new moderators have big shoes to fill…@fonthaunt has been incredibly well suited to the job.


Jonbaas, Anaai80 and Theratypist


All great choices.


That’s nice of you, thanks @writer99025! Of course, with new ones hopping on board, I’m happy. And, I quit!

(J/K and thrilled with the growing team.)


Congratulations mate my 1000th review was a 4.5 star, hope to hit the 2000 mark myself later this year


Great, all the best :slight_smile:


Thank you. We should probably let you all know that we just play a very small role here. We are just on the lookout but all the Admins do the work. Yes @fonthaunt is our forum queen lol. We need some emojis here :))


Ack, I can’t live up to queen! Can I just be forum wench?


Congratz :slight_smile: cya next week for 3000 :)?!


Lol…will take at least 2 more years for the 3000th review…I am really tired and want to take it slow.


I hear ya their!