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Daily Tarot: 13 June, Gemini 2015

Following the Millennium Clock formula, today is marked by the union of the 7 of Spades and 9 of Hearts who teach the lesson although duty, responsibility, and caring for those closest to you can be a powerful achievement from which you draw strength and direction, it is also something that necessarily prevents you from being just a regular person who can ever again just blend into the crowd.

This is the truth that once you reach a certain station in life, you will no longer be recognized or accepted as a member of your former social circles. This is unfortunate if you want to keep that element of your life the same, but so too is it a blessing because it opens your eyes to the life of a mature adult, and this is a perspective which changes your entire world.

I would say that all parents are familiar with this lesson, but the sad truth is that not all parents are mature people who respect these transitions and boundaries. Meditation this lesson.