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Daily Tarot Cards: 11 June, Gemini 2015

Today is marked by the union of the Jack and 7 of Spades. This grand meeting of Spades unifies the all elements of the Jack - the 2, 6, and 7 - and reminds us of three very important things:

First, the people who love us will encourage and help us along the way. Remember to show appreciation for the people who’ve committed themselves to you, and let that energy carry you through to great things.

Second, you don’t know how many friends you have! People know people know people, and you can expand your network and find help in unexpected places. Be a good friend, and your friends will share their own friends with you in return.

Third, share you knowledge with people who are hungry to learn. Don’t be a teacher who shows the way, but a colleague who shares experiences. Generosity of knowledge and intellect will help you find your place in the crowd, and the crowd will reward you in kind.

Meditate on these lessons.