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Daily traffic in a website just by SEO?(a question for web developers mostly)


Hi guys, I have a small for question for those worked with web technologies like WordPress, SEO, other CMS or PHP anything that’s related to website materials.

Recently, I got a message from a buyer, he wanted a landing page with SEO and he also wanted daily traffic guarantee on his website. I could not talk to him much because I was away from home.

I want to know, is it possible to get daily traffic just by doing SEO? I am really inexperienced in this matter that’s why I am seeking the advises from those of you who did this sort of thing.


Provide only the service you’re good at, it’s that simple :wink:


That’s not the kind of advise I was hoping for. I always keep that in mind. I would never take work that I can not do. Thanks anyway.


Run away - run far away from this type of buyer.
What they want is to pay you something small and then for their website to make them money without doing anything else. These people have no idea what they are asking for and how impossible it is.
As UXreview said, stick to what you know. To answer your question, yes it is possible to get daily traffic through SEO. However, to do that with a new site and for them to want you to GUARANTEE it is just nonsense and a waste of your time.


Your answer is soooo satisfying. :v::v::v: Thanks brother.