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Daily Withdrawal limit - once a day

Dear Fiverr team,

I suggest you to remove that 24 hrs limit you put on withdrawals.
You guys have already made sellers wait for so long during those funds clearing.
It’s not a security feature but more of an annoyance and not helpful at all.

During this Covid times, you just don’t know how important those funds might be for people.



No. Because that is not how business works.

They can’t give you your money when you offer revisions to your client, plus they do not know did you actually delivered something valuable to the client.

If they release money immediately, people would claim they can do this for 3000$, get paid, deliver nothing,g and by the time buyer sees they had nothing, they withdraw cash and close the account.

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Ok, you bring in some trust issues there, but that isn’t what I’m talking about.

Clearing of funds are fine, but they just are unreasonably long days here in Fiverr.
On other freelancing platform, its not that long.

Fiverr gamify it and make it a “premium seller” benefits.
When one is a fv pro it suppose to be shorter, but I read its too hard to get accepted as pro

You’re speaking of being able to make more than one withdrawal in a day. I don’t think that’s remotely necessary. You already wait 2 weeks, just budget for an extra day. That’s what a budget is.


The thing is, we know the rules when we sign up to Fiverr. And if for some reason we don’t know the rules, then we haven’t done our research - or read the TOS that we all agreed we had read when we created our accounts.

It’s no good moaning about something that we should have been aware of from the very beginning. Even a quick search of the forum brings up loads of posts about this.

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This is not a complain or “moaning”, its an attempt to suggest to Fiverr something that could be helpful during Covid times. When emergency or crisis happens those funds matter, especially for countries that have tight budget.

Fiverr did ‘do something’ to help.

. Have You Used Fiverr Early Payout Option?

More than one something.

. Support for SMBs and Freelancers during the spread of COVID-19

Several somethings.

. What is fiverr doing for creators in these times - #2 by voiceoverandy

Take some responsibility for your own actions and choices. Plan ahead. Budget.