Damn, I have to see John Wick Chapter 2


The trailer is just too good. Incredible action! Keanu Reeves better than ever.


looking forward for a feedback will see after some positive reviews …


Will be able to see in 10-11 days only…too busy till then, so you better watch anyway…


I saw the first one and loved it. Gotta go see the second one too!!! :smiley:


Keanu Reeves is half-Japanese I think, not sure. He definitely has Asian roots. It’s amazing though, he was a top star when I was in school over 20 years ago…remember Speed? He is still a leading star.


From Wikipeda: Reeves was born in Beirut, Lebanon, the son of Patricia Bond (née Taylor), a costume designer/performer, and Samuel Nowlin Reeves, Jr. His mother is English, from Essex, England. His father, an American from Hawaii, has Native Hawaiian, Chinese, Portuguese, and English ancestry.


I need a new TV series to watch. Recently I’ve blazed through Westworld, The Expanse, Colony, Travellers, and The Walking Dead, and I’m now adrift in a world seemingly without some well made new sci-fi or horror to get my teeth into.

Any suggestions?


Six is pretty good ; ) though it might not be your taste since you seem to be more into Sifi and horror.


Dang, I knew that he was a mix of different ethnic backgrounds, but that sure is a lot!
…and he won the genetic lottery and is a good looking dude.
The world is so unfair at times, hahaha.


The 100
Travelers <- :thumbsup:
3% (Brazillian w Eng Sub Netflix)

Non-Sci-fi (but spirtual-fi)


These all sound like dirty movies DjGodKnows!

3% Brazillian? What’s that? A Northern English gal who’s just spent her kids family allowance on a 3-minute tanning session?

More seriously, yes, wasn’t Travelers pretty surprisingly good? That said, I spent most of the season wishing that I could be Marcy’s social worker. That and thinking, wow Will! You haven’t aged a day since Will & Grace and you’re all straight Sci-Fi FBI superhero now!

In fact, you’ve got to give it to Netflix, they do tend to make damned good TV series.

Anyway, my sci-fi lacking is over now. I’m drip feeding myself some old BSG while trying to go back and finish a book that I wanted to have done by last summer. I will, however, keep your recommendations on mental file for when its raining, cold, and all I want to do is go back to living on the sofa and eating toast all day.


Netflix spent big bux on 3%.
And I wished I was Marcy’s SW too… :smiley:

I am eagerly awaiting 12 monkeys upcoming season!

Please represent malta and vote on the other thread I tagged you in.


I can’t! I’m not willing to refer anyone to Fiverr as I’m paranoid about Fiverr banning me for trying to take advantage or the like. Plus I now avoid using the wifi at my local bar/morning coffee place due to the fact that someone I know in real life recently set up a Fiverr profile.