Damn Quick Pay


can anyone explain me what is “Damn Quick Pay” and what are the advantages .




This is for regular buyers and don’t like to redirect on paypal on any order. So it’s a quick way to buy any gig on fiverr. One do not have to enter paypal email/password again and again for every order. I have never used just sharing what I know. You can better check yourself as @madmoo provided the link.


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Is there a way to change which paypal account damn quick pay is going too? Or to turn off DamnQuickPay? I’ve tried to signup for support to ask them, but for some reason, no matter what email I use, nothing ever comes through.


I tried DamnQuickPay and it works very nicely. Basically it hooks Fiverr to PayPal through pre-approved payments so you don’t have to login to PayPal every time you make an order. It’s a great feature, but I turned it off because I prefer collecting a sum of revenues on Fiverr and then transferring to PayPal. I prefer to keep them separate so I can have a better idea and how much I’m earning on Fiverr alone, rather than meshing the two together. If that doesn’t make sense, it’s basically that I like to be more organized.

Fiverr doesn’t make it the simplest thing to turn off though. I eventually found out how to do it after searching elsewhere on the web and finding an answer to someone who needed help doing the same thing.

IF YOU WANT TO TURN OFF DamnQuickPay: log into PayPal > click ‘pofile’ > select ‘my money’ on the left > click ‘update’ next to ‘preapproved payments’ > ‘Can’t find what you need? Try the preapproved payment plans page.’ - click on that link > and then you should be able to figure out how to cancel your Fiverr preapproved payments subscription from there.


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Thanks Alex - DamnQuickPay has been a pain in the bum for me as a buyer. Since activating it, I have had payments go through, but my orders don’t show up in fiverr. I’d rather just go in and do it the old way, so finally with your help I have been able to deactivate the damn DamnQuickPay!


I’ve been trying to figure out how to turn off DamnQuickPay also, but the method described above no longer works. Why would they make a feature that burrows into your paypal and refuses to leave? :wink:


alexgreene, thanks for your help!




Great job Alex, I have been trying to turn off damn quick pay for a long time.


Thanks so much @alexgreene !!