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Dancing for business - Is that possible?

Hello everybody!

I’m Sang Vu, I come from Vietnam. I have been a dancer for 6 years and I love dancing so much. That’s why I want to do everything relating to dancing. In the last January, I found an idea which not only can help me to improve my income but also gives me a chance to do a dancing job: that’s dancing on Fiverr. I have been doing this for 10 months and I found that it didn’t really work (I just had nearly 40 orders for 10 months), although my buyers never complain about my products. I also have promoted my gigs but people seem not being interested.

So now I really wonder if dancing can be a successful field on Fiverr. I really want it to be a success one. So if you guys have any idea to help me improving my gigs, I would be so grateful. I’m finding some business that dancing can take part in, please give me some advice too. Thank you for reading this.


Do you have a nice body? Maybe you can do something like this: