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Dark mode for Fiverr

As a lot of websites already are doing is to give the option to change the layout view to dark mode. I would really like to see this option here on fiverr too.

I know there are some options to download a dark mode reader (only for chrome). But I’m using Safari and it would just be much more pleasant for the eyes if we could get this added.

Anyone agreeing with me?


Yes, I would prefer a dark mode because I’m borderline blind and the high contrast helps me see.

Yes . I am already used this extension. Really very good for me. :cowboy_hat_face: :blush: :ok_hand:

I hope you are new join at the Fiverr forum. So, welcome to the fiverr forum.

I use an app called Dark Reader. It works perfectly on safari. I also use automator to change to Mac dark mode automatically at a certain time, Dark Reader kicks in when my Mac goes into dark mode.

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Weirdly, I just turn on the light when it gets dark outside. Can’t be the only one …

If you use Windows, you can turn on high contrast mode and get night mode across your entire system instantly.

I use this to boost my tablet battery life and I quite like it.