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Dark/Night mode for the website


Currently fiverr has white background with black text, can they please add an option for dark/night theme with black background. Black background reduces stress on the eye especially if you look at screen for long hours in the day. Most design software, like adobe, corel, resolve… use black background with white text and icons.

Here is a website that uses the same model www.***** if you click on the arrow in top right corner, you’ll have the option to toggle night mode on/off.

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I agree, I would love a night mode, since I mostly do my work during night time, it annoys my eye to be working a white


Yes, yes and yes! They know of this issue, so I’m sure it’s actually something that will get changed :slight_smile:


I hope so, it doesn’t need to be a permanent change, just give the option to change between white or dark theme.


me too i hate this white, depressing, feels like a desert


I really do agree with this. When I’m on the site at night time it feels like my eyes are burning. Please add a Dark mode feature to your website. A lot of websites/apps are starting to integrate this feature.


Please include the dark mode feature to fiverr. It’s a much needed feature