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Dark side of Fiverr

I just had my worst experience with a buyer today. He ordered from my voiceover gig, without any message just a word doc. I sent him the voiceover for this doc, and he rejected it, asking for a refund. I told him I could make amends and give a re-modified version, then he agreed with his expressed requests.
I had only 15 hours left and it was near 1am where I lived so I had to get to bed soon. Despite that I did a re-modification, and made sure it fit his request, only to be rejected again rudely with the same “reason” as before. Either he was really very fussy and it wasn’t according to his taste, or he was abusing the system to get free things.

Fiverr needs to fix:

  1. Buyers can cheat using re-modification system, get your work for free
  2. Countdown doesn’t stop when buyers request modification (Even down to the last hour or min, rendering it impossible to deliver on time)
  3. Mailing option has fixed numbers, rather than a type-able amount
  4. Buyers should get a penalty for not leaving feedback. I’ve had so many who just mark complete then don’t review
  5. Buyers should put a deposit when ordering so they don’t waste sellers time by finding out it’s not what they want and cancelling

Fiverr is just not seller oriented

  1. They don’t get it free. They will only get it free if you accept a cancellation. If you redeliver it, eventually it will get ‘marked as complete’ automatically. They can’t keep rejecting it.

  2. Countdown doesn’t stop, no. However, it won’t be marked as late, and the buyer will not be able to cancel for ‘late delivery’.

  3. Not sure what you mean by this third point.

  4. If buyers are forced to leave feedback, then it will cause problems. A number of people may not have left feedback because they don’t want to give you a negative review.

  5. A deposit is made. They can’t cancel it (unless you go late, that is the only time where you are forced to accept a cancellation)

Fiverr is not seller-orientated, but for none of the reasons above.

@infinitebliss i agree with you… I had a Similar experience as you had where a buyer placed an order he gave me 2 pages of Recording … I gave him a sample recording for which he said he is okay with it… Then suddenly he cancelled it after the work was delivered i said i can ammend if anything is wrong … He said nothing and then cancelled it … So this kind of thing is obvious on Fiverr there are some fake buyers like these…

Sorry to hear about your tough luck with a client. I have been through similar things. Some clients are way too picky. I actually think some of them get a kick out of giving you a hard time. I even had someone who I bent over backwards for leave me a bad review with a personal insult. In that case I alerted Fiverr immediately. Forwarded them the insult. Not only was the person disciplined by Fiverr, they also wiped away the bad review.

So there is a limited amount of modification requests they can make?

I’ve got up to 9 (for a $5 gig, no less! lol) so up to that number I don’t think so.

Mind you, I tend to put my foot down after 3 these days, especially the finicky ‘can you change the second word of the third sentence to something else?’ kind of mods. Jesus Christ…

It is not so much. It is the clock does not stop running down.

Say, the order was delivered and after 2 days it gets rejected. It goes back in your queue. If you deliver it, it will mark as complete within a day. If it goes back with an hour left on the clock and you resend it, it will be completed within an hour.

I think another good idea would be when we upload audio (even video for those sellers), it’s playable on the site through a player, but the buyer can’t download it until they’re satisfied and complete on the order. From there, a download link will appear and they’ll have their recording. This way, the seller’s work is protected and the buyer can ask for any modifications they need without actually having the recording.

But, until something like this is in place, we’ve actually started watermarking all of our work (we use voice tags for our audio gigs). Once the client is satisfied, we upload the finished product without the watermark( or voice tag). It seems to be the only protection we can offer ourselves as sellers at the moment.

I don’t have any “late” modifications in my queue to check this right now, but if buyers request one and it goes late, it seems to add another day to the countdown (and not show it on the to do list–so it might say “one day ago” or whatever on the to-do list, but actually you’ve got one day on the actual gig timer.

Pretty sure “late” deliveries don’t matter with mods very much either. I’ve had “10 days ago” deliveries due to buyers who just love to play whack-a-mod…

I like your idea but I’m afraid this will not work. Because there are software/plugins out there which can download the audio as soon as it gets played anywhere in the browser. Leaving watermarks or voice tags is the best option.

Nope. Once an order has been delivered, it can never go ‘very late’ again. You can leave it in your queue for a year if the customer is being irritating. It can’t be cancelled on their end!

Really? Interesting to know. I already put irritating customers with pointless revisions that they dictate to me on 24hr standby, but it would be fun to drag it out for up to a year. Well, not fun, but you know what I mean.

Well, they can get customer support to cancel it, obviously, but customer support will generally drop you a message beforehand to let you know that you have forgotten! (they can see when a customer is being irritating)

I currently have an order in my queue (modification request) from 2012. He claimed I stole content from a website. He used the weirdest plagiarism checker for it. I wrote something about tools, and he said all of my content was stolen from a website on SEO. Which, in all fairness, the plagiarism detector did say I did (if you researched why it flagged it up, it is obvious the detector was wrong). He kept on insisting on a refund. (about $a00). Gig still sitting in my queue, undelivered, and he has zero access to the content now because I sent him a DropBox link.

I will mark it as complete eventually, because it is $100, but, for now, it stays to indicate that I won’t let customers bully me. (he is still active on Fiverr, so I know when I deliver, it will be a negative)

I think it could work if the player only gives them a low quality preview. I know other sites use that method and if a scammer really wanted a low quality rip of audio/video, then somethings wrong with them, but the majority wouldn’t want to steal that. It’d be a better option then what we have now, but the audio tags and watermarks that we’ve been using are helping.

Modification is really something that can make seller crazy. For me, buyer want me to revise - ok, fine - i’m happy to do. One time, 2 time…until i’m sure i did exactly or even more than they require . Instead of accepting delivery, they keep request modification for a new - truly new file. They want more and more for a very very cheap price.
That kind of buyer know about Fiverr’s policy, they know how to cheat seller. They told us to choose to modify or get bad feedback ( Fiverr CS is really not helpful in resolving this trouble. They rarely remove negative feedback even we can show him that we did nothing wrong ) . That’s fun