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Darn it! Let me order more gigs, PLEASE!


I’m trying to order multiple gigs from technocenturion:

I don’t know if fiverr itself is broken, or if technocenturion is only allowed to make a gig that can be sold only in singles, but it’s very frustrating.

The job he and I have agreed upon is 5-10 gigs long. Neither of us can see a way to purchase multiple gigs.

So, I put the payment for the first gig through Paypal. That’s a bother because the wrong credit card is the default card, but nevermind, I did it.

Then I immediately tried to do another, and it failed.

C’mon. Trying to do $50 worth of transactions one at a time when the fiverr/paypal interface is broken is really annoying.

I can’t think of any better way to encourage your users to go and enact the transaction outside of Get it?




Hi and welcome.

No Fiverr isn’t broken. Your buyer is new to the Fiverr system and must earn the ability to offer Extras, like multiple gig purchases at same time.

They earn that ability by being on Fiverr for a certain period of time and getting high ratings. Once that criteria is met, the Seller is given the ability to offer more purchase options for Buyers.

Yes, it seems unfair to you the Buyer. If you agreed on 5 to 10 gigs, just buy 5 to 10 gigs. It really doesn’t take that long.

Good luck! :wink: