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Hello Everyone… I have a giant problem.

The new Dashboard is not displaying my tasks in the exact order.

I can see an order expiring in 4 days in the top, and maybe, hitting “show more”, i can see (hidden, below the list, where i cant see it if i do not expand it!!!) an order expiring in 24 hours or less!!

IT is not helping, there is the risk to loose the priority of our orders, this Dashboard is making all pretty disturbing and hurts on managing deliveries.

Does anyone else have the same problem!?

Yes, ToDo list is not sorted by due date/time but in a (random?!?) order I don’t understand.

The problem comes from that, it does not update the countdown timer, when the buyer order extra gig (right from the order page) that add more time. For example if your original order is set to be done in 10 days, if you offer an extra for additional 5 days and the buyer accept it, it does not update the countdown timer.

Denis Saidov

Thank you Mark74 for your reply. I’m glad that the bug has been spotted and someone will repair this, i had some problem on managing orders, cause of queue now im checking all everyday, but is not really comfortable!
I’ll keep you updated! Thank you!

That’s a tiny bug. Hopefully, you won’t get to see the HUGE problem that Fiverr loves to show me. The one where a seller posts an update of words on the order page, but no files being sent or any indication that the seller is delivering work (just a few words and that’s it)… now, wait for it… YUP!! Fiverr will mark order complete/delivered goods. What gives? I never received files or words of completion by seller, and yet, the order was complete and delivered work… I can’t call it!!! If that is something that can be done on seller’s end w/out buyer having any control over that, then that’s the stupidest thing ever in regards to dealing with business transactions. PLEASE someone competent fix that problem!!!

I hope you never have to go through such frustration.

Unfortunately I am experiencing a bug in my dashboard as well. My delivered orders are still showing in my to do list, and the time is ticking. I opened 3 tickets so far and I am hoping to get this sorted out soon.

Reply to @dsaidov: that’s a completely different bug (you know, you started a thread for this); Fiverr team is already aware of this and dev team is working to solve it.

Reply to @mark74: It should be the same bug. When it is not updating the countdown timers, and the order of the orders is sorted by the countdown timer, it makes sense that upon fixing the timer, this bug will be fixed too.

Reply to @dsaidov: no, it’s a different bug, as I currently have items not sorted even with correct countdown set.

Reply to @ja24west: I’m Sorry about your experience, you should ask to support or explai it cleary in a new conversation. A part this, i don’t find mine a litte problem, for me, to be in time and be able to follow every customer is a priority.

Reply to @renflowergrapx: Hi! You’re right. Your problem isn’t small. And as a friendly suggestion - if you ever decide to buy from a seller, no matter how great they are (with 5 star reviews and what not), don’t ever purchase more than 1 gig at a time ($5). If something should happen, like with me/my misfortunes, you could lose a lot of money :frowning:

And w/out Fiverr doing their job properly (taking care of buyers), you’ll, more than likely, never get compensated. That’s a sad thing. This site could’ve been great, but I guess mediocrity is good enough for Fiverr’s management (IMHO).


Reply to @ja24west: well, Fiverr is already by buyer’s side!!
When a seller delivers an order, the buyers have still the opportunity to ask for modification if something is not as expected (unfortunately some buyer fools the system and the seller asking for new things without paying them, but that’s a different story): the clock restart ticking on seller’s side and buyer has nothing to be worried about.
If for any reason orders goes (very) late and the seller failed to deliver, then the buyer can cancel the order and get his money back as Fiverr credit that can be used to buy other gigs (please read Fiverr TOS to discover limits).

So, given that I’m sorry for your bad experience, it’s your fault if you lose your money.
Maybe you can still try to contact Customer Support and ask to cancel the order for the reason you written.

First of all, anyway, I’d try to write the seller asking if there was some problem during delivery: sometimes attached files can get lost, it’s already happened in the past.
If seller doesn’t answer, then create a ticket on Customer Support site and show them the seller delivered an empty order… then wait for their answer.

Finally: here on Fiverr, exactly as happens in real life, you can find wonderful sellers and some bad apple; be ready to appreciate the good ones and defend yourself from the bad ones, following the rules given.

Reply to @ja24west: that’s really a bad tip, one of the worst I’ve ever read, honestly!!
You’re trying to be a drama queen just because you had one bad experience; keep the advice I’ve already given you and you’ll be a really satisfied customer in future!

If you want to find a good seller, first of all check the ones with wonderful feedbacks… but also remember that every seller started from the ground, so give the same opportunity to new ones, and maybe you can discover a new raising star!!!

When you find someone you want to try, please do not order immediately: read seller’s gig description, evaluate what is considered within the basic gig and what should be ordered as an extra; then write the seller just to be sure he can really help you with the thing you need and how much he wants to charge you for the job. If you don’t feel comfortable, move on.

If you need a job that requires several gigs, ask if you can have something basic that can be eventually expanded, so maybe you can test the seller’s attitude and knowledge; if this is not possible but seller seems to deserve your trust, order the gig for the amount agreed!

Always be in touch with your seller providing clear instructions and answering his questions; then wait without putting pressure on seller’s back, as we don’t need it, believe me!

This is my personal opinion, these are my tips to have a wonderful experience on Fiverr: I’m a seller from almost 3 years… so I have some experience :slight_smile:

Good luck.

Reply to @annai80: creating 3 tickets is something that can only hurts you: CS is overwhelmed, so the more ticket you create, the more they can take to answer!
You must create only one ticket; if you don’t receive an answer after 1-3 days, then create a follow-up on the same ticket!

Reply to @mark74: sorry I should have been more specific. 1 st time problem was solved CS closed the ticket. Then the problem occured again so I had to report the technical error again which again CS removed from my dashboard and case was closed. Now it reoccured so I had to contact them again to see if someone from the technical department can fix this since it seems to be an ongoing thing :wink:

Reply to @annai80: Oh well, todo list is currently bugged, severely bugged… let’s hope they’re fixing it soon :slight_smile:

Reply to @mark74: " that’s really a bad tip, one of the worst I’ve ever read, honestly!! " That truly sounds like a “drama” queen’s reply. I’m sure YOU would know all about that!

I didn’t have just “one bad experience”

I’ve had numerous “bad experiences,” and I do still go back to those sellers because 9/10 they have delivered great work. I have dealt with over 15 sellers in my short time here!

I’ve had regulars (that I still continue using) deliver late articles almost 50% of the time. I do understand they get overloaded from buyers ordering 35x500 word articles and what not.

Have you ever had a deadline, but your seller’s / writers got caught in a rut, only to get your articles delivered 7+ days past the deadline / cancellation?

You’re a seller? What type of a buyer are you? I’ve never walked in your shoes. You’ve never walked in mine.

Just FYI, I have never given less than 5 stars. Even when the articles look like a 6th grader wrote them. I simply give them a good review and continue to the next… sometimes profiles are deceiving, but you live and learn!!

Peace out

Reply to @mark74: Have you ever bought from another seller?

Numerous times: Seller would send message on order page instead of contacting me through conversations… for one reason or another, the order gets marked off as complete / delivered work. I don’t understand that. No files have been delivered, and the seller never stated that the job was done. They simply tell me something like this, “I’m running late with this article, I’ll be done soon, okay?” I’ll reply with, “Okay, I understand, I hope all is well with you, I’ll talk to you when you deliver the articles” next thing I see is “rate your seller” in the to do list!!!

You get it now? Why would Fiverr allow that? That happened to me over 10 times. But because most of my sellers are trustworthy and come through in a few days, I just wait it out.

Recently, this incident happened again, but with a VERY NEW seller. The profile looked enticing and convincing, but now I’m stuck. Fiverr never responded to my first ticket. I waited two days and sent another. NOTHING!! I’ll just keep waiting and hope the seller comes through. All I wanted know was why do they allow sellers to do that?

Reply to @ja24west: they do not allow sellers to do that!
Delivering empty orders is against Fiverr TOS and sellers could lose their business if they’re reported several times for this reason!!

When a seller delivers an emtpy gig or a gig that’s not what you asked or exptected, immediately hit ASK FOR MODIFICATION button, so clock restarts ticking on seller’s side and the order won’t be marked as complete!

That said, sellers are humans and sometimes it can happen something that lead them away from pc for some day (illness, family problems, etc…) so if you trust them because you already know them, well you could decide to give them more time, but it’s a matter of kindness you could decide to share or not!
It’s buyer’s right to refuse empty or late orders and be refunded!!

If a sellers goes on delivering empty gigs, write him remembering him that this is against Fiverr rules, then if he goes on again report him to Customer Support!

Being a seller I’m aware of the problems of having an online business, because I have to organize my time to take care of my kids, of family committments and Fiverr deliveries (and answer customers, patrol forum and so on): when I feel I’m overwhelmed I pause my gigs to process my queue or I extend delivery times for my gigs.
Again: a seller could have problems, but it cannot happen every single day… you know what I mean…

Reply to @mark74: Ok. Well, thank you. I figure you are trying to help and do good by Fiverr and buyers/sellers a like. If you ask me, Fiverr owes you :slight_smile:

Take care and good luck in the future. I saw your profile. You’re impressive!