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Dashboard delivered on time shows 99% but I've never been late?

My dashboard today says delivered on time is 99% but I’ve never been late the entire time I’ve been here. Has this happened to anyone else?

Customer support has told me it can’t be corrected, and as long as I deliver on time it will go back to 100%, but I have always delivered on time. Sustained effort to deliver on time for over 3 years.

Now I am told that my stats were checked and they are accurate but they are not accurate.

thats so terrible
hope so they will help you the best

Thank you for your sympathy.

Same for me. its show 99% sometimes,but i delivered all the orders in last 3 months “on time”

I also facing same problem. I deliver timely orders from last 4 months. My gig’s delivery time also increase from 1 day to 2 days. Very disappoint from this terrible system.

I was also told I didn’t respond to a few users messages, even though I did. And I even had screenshots of those discussions showing my reply and the red timer on them still. But it still was corrected to 100%.

@misscrystal it happens to me now… my delivery on time shows 95% but I’ve never been late like you.

Hello, I had this issue and upon contacting Fiverr CS, issue was resolved within an hour. They reset my counters.