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Dashboard "Earned in January" $ keeps decreasing


Did something change in how “Earned in…” is being displayed on the dashboard? Is it a bug?

I’m starting the year slowly so I’m still in triple digits and it’s very noticeable. My “Earned in January” was $611 yesterday evening. Then it changed to $582 this morning. Now it’s $566. The app shows $618 which seems to be another totally random number.

I have no new cancelations or freshly completed orders. The overall cancelation number has remained unchanged.

Usually, the number grows instead of decreasing as the orders get completed or remains unchanged when there is no activity.

I had the same issue around a week ago when “Earned in…” dropped around $40 but in a few hours it got back to the number it was before. So I thought it was a glitch and ignored it. Now it keeps decreasing by small amounts.

I reported the issue and the ticket was forwarded to the tech team immediately but I’m a bit nervous as I wait.


I’ve faced same issue in the past and I have a same issue now. Unfortunately, CS didn’t manage to help me with that bug. App is showing different value, dashboard showing different value and analytics page showing a different value.
I tried to do something about it but as nothing worked - I just have to live with that.


I’ve just had the same thing happen to me…only, in my case, it suddenly decreased by $500! Plus, my “Pending” revenue also decreased by the same amount!

I’ve sent an email to CS…they’re always very helpful, so I hope they’ll get it straightened out. Obviously, I’m a bit concerned.


Yeah I’ve noticed that has happened to me a few times


Is earning page working fine?


facing the same issue. contacted support twice for this


Same for me. I noticed it and contacted support.
(The thing is I got some orders completed in this timeframe so the numbers where different from what I provided and they couldn’t help)


When the amount reaches the same value after some times then there is no matter to worry. It may be a technical problem.
However, you have taken appropriate action by reporting the issue to the fiverr team.


I’ve noticed that “Earned in…” number changes each time the funds get cleared/added to the balance, but not for a correct amount. If $40 clears, the “Earned in…” is $17 off, for instance. Then it goes back to the correct full amount (which I now have to track and compare using fiverr app that doesn’t have the same problem).

It’s been 5 days and I haven’t heard from the Tech Support yet.


Have you made sure to check Dollar / €? ( dollar sign doesn't show up for some reason...) Just recently, I saw a small banner on the bottom of the page, easy to miss, telling me they switched my currency to € because I'm in Europe. So now my phone and desktop numbers are off (€ on desktop, Dollar on phone).Screenshot%20(446)


Yes! happened to me. i haven’t contacted to CS yet.


Don’t you just love it when sites just randomly change things “for your convenience” and it’s neither convenient nor asked for? Meh.

But no, I keep an eye on the currency setting at all times after a few misunderstanding about prices/dollars with Australians and Canadians and it hasn’t changed, still set to USD.


Same thing happen to me! With this case is it necessary to contact CS or will it be normal automatically?


I contacted CS 6 days ago and there is no update yet and no improvement so I have no idea how productive this would be. I’d say contact them to let them know it’s a wide-spread issue that affects a lot of people.

It seems to be self-correcting: the number will decrease and in 6-12 hours it jumps back to the way it should be, from what I can tell. It’s such a pain to check/calculate it now.


Why can’t it ever go up unexpectedly instead of down? :thinking:


That’s a good question if someone can answer. :sweat_smile:


What I’ve found is that the amount that is subtracted corresponds to orders that were DELIVERED by the end of 2018, but only marked as COMPLETED in early 2019.

When the funds for said orders are cleared, it seems that the Order Revenue is moved back to last year (the moment when the order was placed) instead of this year (the moment when it was marked as “completed”) as usual, so that revenue is considered to correspond to December instead of January.

So far the funds do clear -at least for me-, so it should only be an issue with the statistics, and not with the actual payment (in other words, you are getting correctly paid for your orders).


Did your earnings remain constant after the deduction? Mine jump back and forth. +/- $52 (which would be my standard package minus fiverr fee) every day.

Your explanation does make sense the most, though.


With all these regular issues I would refrain to suggest Fiverr as primary income source, god knows when the entire earned amount becomes zero and then ban imposed so no way to fight for right.


It’s your choice. I’ve been here for a long time, I had issues with fiverr, I was mad, I was accepting it and so on and so on but we are all still here. And in the end it’s their website and they do what ever they want. You signed their TOS when registered here and if you don’t like it you can just leave the forum, quit the platform and find a better place to earn.