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Dashboard is different

I’ve been doing everything from my Dashboard since I started. Then 2 weeks ago after my last job the Dashboard suddenly looked different. I didn’t put much thought into it because I had no jobs and thought maybe it’s different because there are no jobs. Well I got no jobs all of last week, which is odd. I have a new job today but the Dashboard is still different. It used to have the jobs on the top on the right. Now everything goes across the whole page. I eventually found the new job at the very bottom. Does anyone know what happened and is there a way I can go back to how it used to look? Thanks for any help.


Hello, I noticed nobody has replied, So I will try to help answer your questions.

They’re making changes to fiverr almost daily. You won’t see all of the changes as some arent visible to us frontenders. But it sounds like you’re referring to one of their recent dashboard updates.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to go back. They won’t change it up like that often, so try and get used to the new arrangements, Its likely here to stay for awhile.

I have logged on and then felt the need to double check the sites fingerprint because of the drastic change that happened overnight…but It’s normal for sites like fiverr as they have to adapt to the ever growing community, and sometimes you have to move things around to make everything fit. =P

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