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Dashboard is not updating


After this latest server update my dashboard has gone rather wonky. I am not getting new notifications, and my delivered gigs are showing as still open. I am also not able to clear anything out. Am I the only one having this issue?


And on top of that, even though everyone is supposed to have a link to their Fiverr profile, those who have 1s (and I guess, other marks) appended to their usernames have the issue of appearing to be gone, because the people that programmed this did not account for that issue…


great. So do we know if there is any fix on the horizon? I can’t get any updates.


Dear Sarah:

I suggest you contact @mjensen415, as he’s the only Fiverr Representative I’ve seen on the Forum. Now that I’ve namechecked him, maybe he’ll respond in this thread, as he did in that other thread…

If you’ve already contacted Support, all you can do at this point is wait for them to get back to you. If you contact them too many times in too short a period that might get on their nerves.

Good luck,


@joniamir is also perhaps another Fiverr Representative I’ve seen on the Forum. He might respond in this thread as well. :slight_smile: