Dashboard link gone from menu bar


The dashboard link has disappeared from the menu bar. Just started today. Would like the link back.


I know that’s cause of the new design and frankly, I detest this new change.


its here, Just click your picture and you will see dashboard. Dont worry

:tada: happy selling


also here


Lovely, lovely artwork! :smiley:


Thank you so much :green_heart:


Thanks, but I still like it better where it was. Not sure why it had to be moved, but at least I can stillget there.


But the home icon from the top menu is gone…forever. :cry:


OK, no joke now. The current UI design is horrible.

My idea is: the UI designer in Fiverr team is on drugs.


Now the dashboard link is gone from user icon on menu bar.


This is no longer working either. They removed it today.


No, they didn’t.

Just click on your image and in the pull-down menu click on your name. This brings you directly to the dashboard.


Tried it, does not go to dashboard. Goes to my active gigs. There used to be a dashboard entry on that menu.

Attached result.


Here is a screenshot. On an order. Dashboard not on top menu. No longer in drop down menu.

Clicking my name doesn’t got to dashboard.

So at this point, there is now way directly back to dashboard.

Now by going thru the other menus, like selling, then dashboard link will appear at that point, so you can eventually get there, but shouldn’t have to play tricks to find my way to it.


Figured it out. They moved it again. Now it’s the little graph thingy.


Yeah, just tried it. They placed the dashboard button back, lol. Was about time :slight_smile:


Thank God , Fiverrr returned our dashboard Icon . Thank you Fiverr