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Dashboard Option i not see in my profile last 1 week!


Hi, Everyone … Dashboard Option i not see in my profile last 1 week ! Now what i do for this problem solve ?

Please Help me !


Hope you are accessing through Chrome or Firefox. Delete cookies, temp files and then try again.
Using Explorer not suggested.

If nothing work out, contact CS team.


If there is an option beside your profile image at the top of the Fiverr main page for Switch to Selling you will see it there.


I saw your screenshot - try making your screen bigger within your browser if you can - the top menu should then appear.


The option of inside the dashboard does not look like a week, a week ago


Okay, i will try …



I am using windows edge and if I go to the browser settings on the right hand side and reduce “zoom” I can see it. If I increase “zoom” I can’t.

May work the same for your browser.


i also done this, but problem is not solve !


Refer your screen shot, you may have observed, top left corner next to FIVERR, options are appearing. You may get all over there like Dashboard, Order, Gigs etc.
Try this…


Exactly! My problem is solve after 7 days . Thank You So Much … !
Now i happy !


Thank you everyone . Thank you so much … :blush: