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Dashboard Order cancellation error

I recently cancelled one order of $5 (first time doing this), due to insufficient information provision by the buyer. But in the cancelled orders on my dashboard, it is saying 2 cancelled orders instead which is incorrectly affecting my order completion rate. I’m a bit confused here.


I had to cancel a project because it got postponed recently. CS agent told me all was good and the order was cancelled but it wasn’t. It was still there, on my dashboard, with timer ticking and everything. I had to reopen the ticket and the order was cancelled from the second try.

So it looks like there is something funny going on with dashboard/cancellations. Report this to CS with screenshots. Be prepared to wait for them to respond for a while.


Thanks. I will contact CS

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This exact thing happened last week. I had one cancelled gig, worth $10 ($8 of direct earning) and my account shows a cancellation of 2 orders equating $16 in earnings. It appears as though that cancellation was duplicated in the system. I contacted CS last week and have not heard back and my reevaluation is in a few days. I did the math and if the duplicate is removed my standing won’t be affected but with it I am below 90% cancellation rate.

Since this has a time restraint on my reevaluation I really need CS/Fiverr to fix the issue but they haven’t replied to my messages. I provided several screenshots of the single cancellation and where on my account it shows errors.


Something needs to be done about this.

its a bug. I cancel an order last month but showing 2 in my dashboard. Its not a problem the ration is correct please check the ration complete : cancel