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Dashboard shows Priority Order - but it's a 👻

OK, this is not a huge deal. Albeit an annoying one. I don’t know if anybody is experiencing this strange :bug: phenomenon. :confused:



I have this issue from last 3 months I guess. I am myself confused about this :frowning:

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Grr. So, this is an ongoing issue. I’ve noticed this in the last (2) days. I think oh goodie, a new order and :bomb: nada just a :ghost:.

But me from months :stuck_out_tongue: Even for my Gig orders in Que are wrong.

I see Priority (2) Delivered is (1) all other are comeplete still 2 orders in Que

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With me, it started when a buyer was having connection problems. Over a year ago, I think. Or two years ago? The phantom priority order is still there.


Not only problem with the priority, delivered and others but also with active order( Dollar). There is a active order of 10$(8$) but showing 0$. Facing this problem from 2 days. I don’t know whats the problem going on!:disappointed_relieved:

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Mine is always showing a wrong number too :thinking:

Happens in buyers request too sometimes. Try a refresh or clear cache

2-years-ago. :hushed: Damn, my hope just vanished. :rofl:


I just ignore it. :rofl:


I have the same thing, ignore it… I sometimes get this in my inbox, no unread messages but still showing "1 unread message).


I have the same issue since a month

That :ghost: order still remains, it’s all good tho. I guess it will sort itself out one way or another.

may be some kind of bug had this is past try to log out and log in again

Yes, i faced the same issue. Yesterday i contact fiverr support they solved it :slight_smile:

Contact fiverr support they will solve it. Yesterday i contact Fiverr support & they solved the issue :slight_smile:

Hmm, I’ll send them a note today. I’ll give an update here.

After following your advice, I contacted CS earlier today, got a reply, and the :ghost: order is gone.

YAY! :tada:

I was starting to wonder if I had to call those ghostbusters guys! :sweat_smile:


Hahaha :smiley: Great your problem solved :slight_smile:

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I contacted fiverr support regarding this issue, they solved it.