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Dashboard to do list and text from buyer?

On my dashboard I have 6 to dos. Some of them say:
“Share your new Gig and boost your sales!” When I press the button “share now” I see the gig with a button to edit it. What´s that about?

In “Notifications” I see an incomplete text from a buyer. Click leads to the order with ordern number but no text. Inbox: no text. Somewhere I found a longer text but also incomplete ??? Why is the text not with the order or in the inbox?

Use highlighted share buttons.

The first question has been answered.
The second - all I can think of is checking ur email (notifications + messages might be legible there), and the obvious refreshing whatever page ur on, on fiv.

Thanks everybody for the quick answers! Sharing on social networks! Ok I could have thought of that. Instead I became insecure if the gigs were already published here. As to the message from the buyer: we have managed to find a way of communication throught the messaging system. Inbox etc. But the original text is not there and neither are my answers to the order itself. So it seems multiple channels to the buyer have to be checked in orden not to miss any info. Anyway, I guess I will have to get acquainted to the site some more.

From a fellow new person: yes, it takes a bit getting used to, like everything/where, but you´ll manage :slight_smile:
I wanted to leave this tip here - if you work with a buyer who gives you instructions, additional info or such that you´ll probably need again, if it becomes a return buyer, copypaste it straight away into some doc that lives savely on your PC, not ‘Oh,I´ll do this later.’, straight away! :wink:

Willkommen bei Fiverr und im Forum - und viel Spaß und Erfolg!