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Data Entry Buyer Request Not Coming


I’m Level two Seller on fiverr with 5 star rating. Wanna know that does anyone here facing issue regarding no buyer request related to Data Entry task or category. If yes then what you had done to overcome it. I am not receiving Data Entry buyer requests…

Waiting for response…Thanks


What actions are you taking to connect to your target customers, and convince them to hire you? Orders do not appear just because you want them to. If you aren’t getting the kind of sales that you want on the site, then you will have to find your customers elsewhere, and bring them here, to your gigs.

Fiverr does not guarantee orders to anyone. You are still responsible for building your own success. Orders come to those who work hard to earn them. What are you doing to earn your orders?


Well from last 30 days buyer requests related to Data Entry isn’t coming, previously i got direct orders from buyers or via buyer request section. Plus fiverr shift my gig towards last pages in that phase when i was earning the most. It seems that shifting my gig also affects buyer requests section offers…

Fiverr did not intentionally shift your gig anywhere. All gigs in the search system are subject to automatic shuffled rotation in the results, based entirely upon the determinations of an algorithm. Everyone’s gigs are subject to the same level of rotation.

Like I said:

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hlw , brother i dont get any buyer reqest still