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Data Mining, Programming is not Data Entry - How can I be clearer?


I am looking for someone expert at writing a computer program to data mine from Airbnb and VRBO/Homeaway to determine most lucrative opportunities for identifying properties for short term vacation rental. I POSTED for DATA MINING and received answers for DATA ENTRY which is definitely NOT THE SAME. How can I get seller responses from qualified people. How can I be clearer?


I would suggest that you use direct contact and talk with some strong sellers in the Data Mining category. Buyer Requests tends to attract a semi-random group of sellers. You can message some of the sellers that sell what you need and talk with them to find a good fit.


I thought data mining was not something that sellers were allowed to provide. I don’t think Air BNB would like to have their data mined. I don’t know how you would use the list of lucrative opportunities you mined from Air BNB but it might be their own proprietary website information.