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Date column is missing in buyer requests section



I am level two seller and working on fiverr for few years back. I am sending buyer request regularly but today I found a horrible bug in this sections.

Buyer requests are not showing date / time of posting of any buyer request on desktop website.
I am also using mobile app and there I can easily see posted date of the every buyer request.

I request fiverr support team to resolve this issue asap, so sellers may not waste their requests by applying on outdated requests.

You may see screenshot here



same issue facing by me.


It´s a bug, you mean it did show once? Ouch. I´m on fiverr since October and it always looked like in yourscreenshot for me…It puzzled me that there was no ‘posted on’-date of course, but I thought well it is the way it is, like other things.


Same issue here. Hope it’ll solve soon.


@sagittarian384 Issue is now fixed. Thank you for your report.


I logged out of everything when reading this, cleared cache and all, but I still see i as I did always, like in OP’s screenshot, no date column showing. I´ll try a different browser.

No, neither on chrome nor edge, same as always, and I did clear everything from both browsers. I´d do more computer clean-up, if it might help, but I’ll wait for someone reporting it works for them first I think… (^._.^)ノ

another edit:
I logged and rebooted because some updated driver wanted me to do that anyway, and I see it now too. :slight_smile:
Great! Thanks!


I see the date column, it’s on the left.

I use Chromium.