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Day 15 of Fiverr, How Much Have I Made?

A few months ago I lost my primary source of income, finding work in my area has been incredibly hard however Fiverr is making things easier every day. I have been on fiverr five days short of a month but received my first order 15 days ago.

How much have I made?

I have earned $76 thus far and have an additional $116 upcoming once I complete two large custom gigs.

While this is not a ton of money it’s a lot more than many have been able to make in 15 days, so how did I do it?

It’s all about SEO, you really do need to optimize your gigs and your profile with keywords that your gigs are built around. You need to push for 5 star reviews on each and every gig, however don’t accept a gig order that you cannot complete. I’ve had customers ask me for something that is not even remotely close to what I offer, had I taken this gig I would have likely failed and received a bad review. When you are new your rating is everything, you won’t have a ton of sales so you only end up with a few ratings at first. Don’t let anyone rate less than 5 stars if you can help it, that means doing revisions and in some cases over selling yourself. Just because you advertised 500 words for your articles doesn’t mean you can’t easily deliver an additional 100 words.

Most of my work comes from repeat business, which comes to my next point. When you notice one individual order 3, 4 or more times toss them a discount. I’ve had a $5 article gig turn into $80 simply by offering a discount for a bulk order.

I write articles at a rate of $5/500 words though I hope to lower that to about 400 words once I reach level 1 or 2. This has shown me that Fiverr is viable and might actually lead to some fulltime work.

Great start!

Congrats! You are going to keep growing and growing. Repeat orders and word of mouth are very powerful!

Great job! I’m sure you’ll pick up more sales in no time!

Bulk orders sound like a great way to turn $5 into something much more. Very informative article.

Just made level 1 seller today, still making bulks sales on a single gig.

Just hope that I can replicate this.