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Day 17 - 1 order, Day 28 - 37 orders

Wow, my head is about to blow… I didn’t expected to get sales this fast… I can hardly finish on time and it interferes with my local clients, but I’m really happy about it :). I missed the deadline on several, but buyers understand… So it won’t be a problem and I learned my lesson…

I really hope, that getting to level 1 will help me to get even more sales and start making some real money here. Do you think, that leveling up will make my gigs more visible on the search results?

Mine actually dropped off for a minute when I reached a new level. I don’t think that’s a standard occurrence, though. No matter, they picked up again within a few days :slight_smile: Congrats on your sales increase, I hope it continues for you!!

Congratulations! It seems like you are doing great!

About the level 1 bringing more buyers… From my own experience I can’t say it made my own gig more visible. However, it made my life much easier. I seem to have clients that buy my gigs again and again rather than attract new ones so the advantages that come with achieving Level 1 came in very handy. Just think of the fact that the buyer can place an order for a multiple gig rather than having to buy the gigs separately. And you can have extras too!

If you do more money, get more orders, and end up with good feedback, you gig will eventually become more visible for new buyers too (or at least this was the case with my gigs).