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Day 2 of Starting Fiverr Diary

Day 2

My views have increased by a lot as well as my clicks which are : 221 impressions and 12 clicks . I am happy from these results and will continue to help them grow and hopefully one day I will get my first order .

Hope you have a good day,
Pumpkin Kennedy


Hi Pumpkin,
Welcome to the Fiverr platform and you are going great in your impressions and clicks. Keep continue your efforts. Send offers to buyer requests regularly and soon you will catch many orders.



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Are you going to make the Fiverr Forum a place for your Fiverr Diary? :thinking:


I wanted to show my fivver experience in a way of documenting my experience from my fiverr gigs and I’m sorry if this isn’t what the topic is for , I will delete it if you desire that

Sorry ,

sorry i will make sure i am not

It would be best if you want to do this to only make one post and add to it as needed.


yes I will do that thank you