Day by day my all GIG impression, click, view are decreasing low. Have you any idea?


I’m a level 2 seller in Fiverr and my all GIGs (7 Gigs) are in first page. But day by day my all GIG impression, click, view are decreasing low. Have you any idea? What happen with Fiverr?


i am a new seller …it is happening with me too. i need solution


You can’t depend on Fiverr’s search to continuously flood your gig with sales. Each day, new members join that Fiverr is obliged to give an initial boost to and, meanwhile, other sellers (your competition) are trying to grow their sales as well.

It’s time to start marketing. :slight_smile:


Hope you don’t mind me having a look at your profile - here’s a question - would you order from somebody if the first words you saw on their profile were ‘Hello Ma’am’?

By having the greeting ‘Hello Sir’, you’re giving the impression that you only deal with male clients, which I’m sure isn’t the case. However as a female buyer, I probably wouldn’t click on your gigs to find out.

Good luck! :sunny:


Thanks, I’m finding the solution.


Thank you so much for your valuable suggestion. I have remove my all ‘Hello Sir’ in my Gig’s. Hope it’s get me good result.


But I just looked at your page and I still see, “Hello Sir” in your Description. I guess you forgot one.


Oh, it’s my great mistake. I have removed this. Thanks a lot.


Post your fiverr link in classified ads like Craigslist and use social media like Twitter.


Hello, someone should please help me out. I woke up this morning only to see all my gigs impressions, views, and clicks are decreasing. Am wondering what can cause this but didn’t know yet. Please i need help on this, what are the possible causes and solutions?