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Day/Night button feature Suggestion for fiverr please check out sample

Dark Mode Theme feature Suggestion

Hope you guys like it and fiverr will add it as i love the dark themes because i work in night with light offs :smiley:


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There are so many chrome extensions available on Chrome Store, you change default color as you want to see :slight_smile:

I tried with one , It's awful lol I immadiately switched back to original.


Eek! It’s too dark for me. I need a bright screen to do my work! :bulb:


won’t be good for the eyes as we pass long time using the computer

Perfect for working in dim studio late at night. Hope they decide to use it.

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that’s great
but for me and the sellers like me who work in night with lights off this feature will be great :wink:

Will good for those freelancers who work in the night light offs :slight_smile:


Yes, that’s correct. If we use black theme at night, it will be good for eyes. :ok_hand:

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Yup! @hedayetsaadi556

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