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Day off on fiverr

i request to fiverr TEAM please introduce an official Day off for sellers…i know being a freelancer we are free to take a day off whenever we need but nothing can be substitute of blessed Sunday…

if fiverr can take a short break for coffee with team than sellers should also awarded with the day off officially… tongue emoticon (to have a cup of coffee with his/her loving one)…

who says you cannot have a day off? All you have to do is make sure your gigs do not offer 1 day delivery or something like that, and/or extend your delivery times by an extra day so you can have time to make plans.

Work ahead, and complete all of your gigs earlier then the completion deadline. Then, with no gigs due immediately, you can take a day off whenever you need. Your success and your workflow here on Fiverr is entirely up to you.

Fiverr allows you the freedom to work however you need. Take advantage of it, and customize your work to fit your schedule.

i understand the work management policies …but what about modifications requests ?? in my views if the day is not officially off we must reply to our customer to maintain our Good Will…

My “7 Days a Week” Paradise Job!

I think it is a mindset. I have been self-employed for over 20 years and I have never worked a 9-5, 40 hour week. Even with local work, I work when I have work and relax when it is slower. I am happy to take someone’s business when they are ready to buy. I don’t want to open and close my offer during the week. I may miss the sale. I have always answered my phone from 7am-9pm or messages. I am not a slave to it, If I am available - I do it.

I would rather work about 4 hours a day. 7 days a week (28 hours), than to work 40 hours, 5 days a week. I feel as enslaved by an 8 hour a day schedule as you do about working on a day off.

It’s 9 am this morning on Sunday and I just spent a couple of hours and I am finished for the day. I am an early bird and many days, I am through before my wife goes to work. But through the course of the day, I will turn around revisions and it just take a few minutes each.

You could keep 3 day delivers, and pause your 24 hour gigs during your day off. I have had no problem with gigs re-entering the search engine after they are paused. You also could change delivery times, but this many time interferes with the wording of the gig.

The last time I tried to stop for a week vacation, It took me a week to stop and allow time for revisions and a week to get started backup. It was a 3 week loss for a 1 week vacation.
Call me crazy? Now I just take a laptop with me on the vacation. I slow my delivery times down a little, check emails, a couple of times a day. I will work every over day for about 2 hours. Last time we were gone for a week, my sales were at about 70% of a at home week. My customer’s were happy they never knew I was gone. My wife was happy, I was able to add a couple of extra days on the trip.

I would really prefer 4-6 4day trips during the year over 1 long vacation. It just depends on where we are trying to go?

Well I am finished for the day. My wife just woke up and wants me to cook breakfast! To her, it will seem like I have the day off.

choti honi chaheye… nahee to hartaal ki jye ge

I’ve just done the extend delivery times technique. Plus a big comment on my gig as to when deliveries will resume. Still handle order on vacation to get data, but just don’t work on them. Business slows a little, but not much for me.