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"Days Off" Option!

I saw something similar to this recently, but I can’t seem to find it. Whoever mentioned this first please take credit and share!

Fiverr is awesome, but the way it’s setup it allows orders to roll in 24/7, which is great, but it also means there’s always a deadline coming up. How about Fiverr implements a “days off” option?

Basically, you’d set in the backend which days you want OFF (as in, nothing due), like Saturday and Sunday.

Then, Fiverr will automatically adjust deadlines. Instead of manually doing it or having to pause your gigs and stop the orders, Fiverr’s system will handle it.

Whenever someone orders, they’ll get an estimated delivery (either before or after the weekend depending on your delivery settings). Then we can actually take breaks without stopping orders or editing our gigs constantly, which will mean higher quality work (which equals better reviews, which equals more orders)!