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Days should be increase with number of quantity

Hey, I’m just facing a problem and would like to make a suggestion as well.
The number of days should be increase automatically if number of quanity added.
Like if they order 1 logo design in 1 day and add quanity of 10 times then its not possible to deliver 10 logos in 1 day. The delivery time should be increase with number of quanity added.

Note: It is not about controlling delivery time from gig section.


I agree. Though there could be gigs that take about 5-20 mins to deliver once started. So for those gigs they could deliver multiple of those gigs per person in the same day. Maybe Fiverr could have a field (not shown to buyers) for an estimate of the actual amount of time it would normally take to do that gig and that could be used to increase the number of days delivery time if required (maybe it could also take into account number of hours the seller is normally available on particular days).

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For the love of god this.

I keep having to over work myself to not tarnish my rep because people order multiples.
Come on Fiverr help us out!
This and being able to send request to remove things from the live portfolio would make my fiverr life so much easier

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