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Days without warning

Can Anyone tell me, That why my days of warning are increasing? I didn’t break any rule of fiverr, my warning days are 3/30! why this is happening?


it seems like suddenly all the ratings, rankings and all this level features are active in any way for all sellers. im not sure what fiverr is up to… :confused:

What exactly do you mean? I’ll show you a screen shot to see if I understand. If you look at analytics:

If yours says 3 right there, it means 3 days have passed since you got a warning.


You mean I did not receive any extra warning, I have received a warning three days ago,
Untitled see this. Please let me know what this is showing 3/30?

@fonthaunt just answered your question

As you mentioned as well, that you received a warning 3 days ago. Let 27 more days pass and you’ll get that bar in green. And yes, you did not receive any extra warning. Note on the “extra” but 3 days ago you did break some rule in TOS, that’s why you got the warning, if you’re not sure what rule you broke, I suggest you read the TOS or contact Customer Support to clarify.


Thank You so much. It helps a lot.

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