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Days Without Warnings


7 out of 30 are harmful my account .please say someting what to i do .


Do not violate TOS. Read them again and again.


thank you so much.but you know 7 out of 30 dailey updated the number


@senskypalash99 don’t worry about the 7 out of 30 just keep going from 7 to 30 which is good for you just don’t violate ToS again. and one more thing you must do…read the Terms of Services.


The (7) days of 30 has to do with the seller levels. It’s one of the requirements for leveling up/keeping your level.

If you’re level 0 currently, for example, and would have all other requirements for level 1 but not 30 days without warnings yet at the next evaluation date, you’d not be promoted to level 1.

Apart from that, as the others already said, as you already got a warning, read Fiverr’s terms of service very well and make sure to not get any more warning/s, as you might lose your account then.


Brother what the meaning of TOS ??


If you’d read a sister’s post too, you could find the meaning and even a link up there :wink:

TOS = Terms of Service, Fiverr’s house rules, or the local law, so to speak.

You’ll find the things in there that aren’t permitted and can lead to warnings and to bans.
Good luck.


Nice reply!!!


Also be aware you can get a TOS warning even without actually violating the TOS. I did recently.


How come? Can you please explain?


Don’t tell someone asking for a refund you are limited in how many refunds you can give in a month. It’s more involved than that however in this case, but apparently I tried to “trick the system”.


Interesting! Thank you for the info, luckily I never refund at all!


It’s like there are some things you shouldn’t do that aren’t spelled out in the TOS.


Well, I am sorry that happened to you. You might wanna argue with CS though!


I was shocked by your last post honestly!
What was CS reply? (if you don’t mind me asking)


I’m kind of surprised but then I was wrong to do it.


You got a warning for actually saying that you are limited in how many refunds you can give in a month ? … that’s shocking


I was wrong to say it. I’m not disputing that.


But your badge wasn’t demoted. How is that? You’re still a TRS (TBH, which you should always be based on your reviews)


It’s a warning not a demotion.