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Deactivate my account and create new account

I want to deactivate my Fiverr account and create a new account in the same name. I haven’t worked on my profile. Will I have any problems next time?

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First, you won’t be able to do this.

Second, if you try Fiverr will ban you and your account email and bank data.

Third, why you want to delete your account?

I want to do it so I can change my name, but other than that…

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i did change my fiverr id in 2015. contact fiverr support they will help you. but remember your all feedback and gigs will be removed

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Thank you. I am aware of that so I will not change my name.

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If I am not wrong we can change username . We can close our account and activate a new one. You can see this in Seller help center.

of course don’t change your name. i was stupid back in 2015. it’s not about your name it’s all about skills


Can you please tell me why did you neglect to read that me and gamunu clearly resolved that part and wrote something that is already cleared in two messages?
Yes, to change the name, you must delete the entire account and ask Fiverr to start over.
And, no, no one with sales and ratings would do that.

We should not write replies just for the sake of answers.
If the issue has been resolved and answered, no point in doing it again in a slightly rephrased concept.

No offence. But you said Fiverr will ban you and your account email and bank data. Can you show where this is mentioned. I just want to know that.

If he deletes the account and tries to start a new one without informing CS.

He needs CS approval to delete and create a new one.

Okay I have read this from Seller help center

. I am telling on the basis of this answer…

Yes. If his account is clean. But if he has issues or if he is deleting to hide bad reviews, that is a different story.

So, we do not know why he wants to delete it.

Yes. May be to hide bad reviews. There are some sellers who delete their account for different reasons. But Fiverr is really strict for those who open 2 accounts.

I want to deactivate my account because i want to change my username name.
my profile is clean

I have no work and no ratings in my profile.
only i want to change my profile name.

Then go ahead.

Good luck with the new name! :+1:

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So can I deactivate my account and create a new account with my photo and name ?
Since I have no reviews and no work.

why you deactivate your account