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How do you deactivate Fiverr??

Do you mean how do you delete your account? Because you can’t “deactivate” Fiverr.

If that’s what you mean, you can either just stop using the account and delete all your gigs or open a ticket with Customer Service and ask them to permanently delete your membership on Fiverr. If you mean on a temporary basis, you can go to your gigs page and over on the right-hand side where the little gear symbol is and click on “suspend” from the drop-down menu. I don’t know if there is any time limit on that; I’ve suspended gigs for up to a month.

If you’re leaving, that’s rather too bad, as you have some really fun and unique gigs.

i am planning to make a new account and start these gigs up in this new account as i am not getting my level 1 statues…

Why do you think your gigs would be more successful in a new account? As someone else mentioned, you have some cool gigs, so maybe you could try promoting them better?

Best of luck!

its not the fact i am not getting sales… its the fact that i am not getting my level 1 statues

@kjblynx i went on that page under which box is “submit a request” ?