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Deadline didn't increase for customers when Gig Extra added at checkout?

I make emotes for Twitch, and I have my deadline set to 14 days for 3 emotes, due to volume of commissions.

I had a customer order my “Premium” bundle (3 emotes), and manually add 3 more orders of 3 emotes onto the purchase. Each addition is supposed to add 14 days to the deadline, but in my queue, it shows all 15 emotes due in the original 14 day deadline frame. There’s no way I can make all of these orders, on top of my other orders in that time frame. I also have no option to increase the deadline manually without charging them, which I shouldn’t have to, as it isn’t their fault.

I’ve had 4 new orders in my queue show up with additional “premium packages” added, and still no increase to the deadline has been added to any of these. Is there a way to increase it accordingly, as it’s putting much more work on me than I can manage. It isn’t fair to me or my customers to have to charge them to increase the deadline to what it should be.

Any help is appreciated!

You should be able to use the Resolution Center to request additional time for this.