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Deadline is over, Buyer is not responding

I finished the task and send him to check ( email template), he told me to make some changes. I did and resend it but he was not available for the last 3 days and the deadline is over two days ago. I gave a request to extend the time. What should I do now?


Did he ask for a revision request? You actually used the Delivery system, or you just sent him the stuff without marking the order as complete?

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No, I didn’t submit it. Should I wait for him or submit now?

Hi: you should deliver right now! If you’re doing your job in time, you should never wait until the deadline.
You deliver. If buyer wants changed, he will make a revision, he has 3 days for that until automatic closing.

And if you’re a good seller, even if the order is automatically closed, you’ll make the changes after it in direct message for free until satisfaction. But if you’re late, the system will penalize you as the IA could not know that you were on time. Deliver!

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Thank You. I am delivering the order now

@upalwazed follow the @tombdx instructions.

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