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Deadline not matching for seller and buyer?


Hi there, I just bought a service a few days ago. I had some contact with the seller and everything seemed well. The deadline crept closer and I logged in earlier to see a timer counting down the deadline in minutes. Now the status says "status: Deadline expired. You may cancel the order."

So I messaged the seller to check.

Me - Hi, you’re late. What’s going on?

Him - Sorry, but I’m not late I have one more day, but don’t worry, I’ll deliver your work in a few hours…

Is he just making up excuses or does Fiverr screw up the deadlines some times? It’s ok for this time but good to know in the future if I have to account for an extra day when planning.


Me too, I’m rooting for you both!


That has happend to me too, where the deadlines don’t match. I have also noticed a couple of times, the dates in my queue of gigs will change to a day earlier or later too, then change back. I think it’s mostly a glitch, and I usually go with the original date when the order was purchased.


Reply to @fourtowers: This could also change from gig extra having additional days. I do not think it is a mismatch of deadlines, but the gig extras do not may my express gigs.

For example, I have an express gig of 24 hours, but my gig extras add on 3 more days if they are ordered, but the Express Gig countdown still ticks within 24 hours. It sucks. LOL, but that’s what happens.


Yes, the clocks are all messed up. I have gigs that are 2 day gigs, but the clock only gives me 24 hours. They are not Express gigs, just regular gigs, but it always says “Due Next Day”. There’s a day missing somewhere. I’ll bet someone is hording days days somewhere. They think we wont notice but we do. A missing day here and a missing day there and pretty soon they have an entire lifetime accumulated…I want my days back!!!..oh, wait…

that was the plot of a movie I saw.


Yes, all gigs are due by Dec 21 :slight_smile:


^ This post makes me sad :frowning:


Why sad, friend?


the whole “Word gunna end” conspiracy. xD I Know it’s pretty much bologna, but…

In 5th grade they showed us a ridiculously scary video on it, and ever since then (1998!) I’ve been a bit uneasy about it… :z


Reply to @hotwebideas: It makes you wonder though with gigs where there is no time difference listed in the extra gigs. My extra gigs don’t take any additional time, only the Express gig one, and of course only when it’s purchased. LOL


I actually meant my gig with the super fast delivery, not an Express gig…geezzz… LOL


Reply to @madmoo: Maybe it’s like the Mayan clock…


Reply to @lparziale: Yeah, the mayan clock BS was useless. Happy New Year 2013!

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