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Deadline on weekends

Hi everyone!

I’m sure that most of you has the same problem as I have, that’s to say…forced to work on the weekends as most of the deadlines are on Saturday or Sundays!
Most of customers orders in the middle of the week, so as result, I am forced to work on the weekends to respect all the deadlines. I don’t think it’s 100% fair, since everyone wants to enjoy weekends when our family /friends are free from work and we can spend time together.
It would be great if coutdowns would “stop” during weekends, or at least on Sundays, so that everyone can enjoy weekends. I know that as free lancer, I don’t have the possibility to set a working time table, since sometimes orders arrives, sometimes don’t…but as the rest of the world stops during the weekends, it would be great if we can spend some time with our family/friends too. I think that some improvements to “countdown feature” should be done.
What do you think about it?

Thank you !

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Unfortunately, this is the life of a freelancer. It’s the same for freelance work sourced locally. The work comes when it comes, and it’s due when it’s due. This is the “gig economy”.

And what of international clients who are across the dateline from the seller? The seller’s Sunday may be the buyer’s Monday, and suspending the deadline may not work for the buyer for that reason alone.

If you make it to Friday with no new orders, you can always activate your Out of Office mode to prevent new orders from coming in until Monday.


I can totally understand where you’re coming from. If you were working in an office, or some other 9-to-5 job, there’s a significant chance that you wouldn’t have to work weekends.

You’re not working in an office though. You’re working as a freelancer, and in theory, that means you should set your own hours and only work when you want to. The reality is that you’re working a lot to keep up with orders, and often have to work for several weeks straight to get work done, but I digress.

I don’t think it should be up to Fiverr to set a stop to countdowns during the weekend. Some people do Fiverr alongside full time jobs and they do most of their work at weekends. It could become optional, but there’s a lot of logistics to it. Would customers know? Would it stop them from purchasing your gig as opposed to someone who did work on weekends? And like @calexharalson said, how is a buyer meant to know when your weekend begins and ends?

The way I try and handle it is to get as much work done as I can by Friday. If I have a new job come in on Friday, I’ll either work overtime on Saturday to get it done, or make it so that the countdown lasts until at least late on Monday so that I can get it done there. Obviously this isn’t foolproof. There are times when I’m forced to work on Sunday’s, but they’re rare, and my determination to get work done before then means it’s quite a manageable level of work to complete.

And again, if that doesn’t work, you could always activate out of office mode every weekend to enforce the fact that you don’t work weekends, like @calexharalson said.

I agree with the previous responses so you’ve got to offer when you can satisfy the request and use out of office if you’ll be away.

My issue with the deadline is “Revisions” where you can’t stop a buyer keep clicking the Revision option even if you only offered one Revision. The clock doesn’t take account of Buyer time so the original deadline is still in effect. I delivered, gave a revision and beat the clock only to have further changes (actually correction of Buyer data) requested which means I was notified thet I would suffer Demotion in Fiverr if this happens again.

The Support staff wouldn’t take notice that I supplied 5 versions to the Buyer with different options to address their shortcoming, or that the Buyer messaged Support saying it was their mistake. Fiverr will still punish me.

Fiverr doesn’t help Buyers work with Sellers; it gets in the way.

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As a buyer, I agree with this. I feel bad when I place an order on Friday afternoon and the seller has 2 day settings. Sellers should be able to set black out times that automatically extend the due date of the project. If they normally have a 2 day turnaround, but want to black out 5 days for personal time, auto adjust the turnaround days to 7, not a big deal for me as a buyer.